The MFCC System

MFCC ensures that our key Policies, Procedures and Standards are freely available and downloadable to any interested parties and printed copies of those documents will be available upon request at a price that covers no more than administrative costs. Additionally we welcome comments and feedback, not only through more formal scheduled consultation processes and activities, but at anytime.

Furthermore, much of MFCC's work is anchored around technical working documentation that include our Standards (MTLAS and MFCS), and other supporting system documents.

MFCC's Standards and policies aim to:

  • define clear requirements for entities that need to comply with requirements and for Certification Bodies that audit these requirements;
  • be uniform of structure, of style and terminology;
  • be consistent.

MFCC has reached to a point when our key Policies, Procedures and Standards were needed to be reviewed and revised due to its timely revision process, MFCC has revised 8 system documents and created 6 new system documents.

And again the older version of our key Policies, Procedures and Standards are freely available upon request.

MFCC also produces a range of other resources that we make available to interested parties. Please visit the MFCC Resource Centre.

MFCC Policies and Procedures

Implementation ArrangementsThis documents acts as MFCC’s ‘umbrella’ guidance document. It summarises the formation of MFCC, our mission and some of our key operating and value principles. 01.00
Guiding PrinciplesMFCC’s four main guiding principles are covered in this policy. These are impartiality and conflict of interest, confidentiality and anti-corruption. 01.01
Standard Setting
This policy specifies how MFCC sets the MFCC Standards (currently MTLAS and MFCS). MFCC’s Standard development processes are carried out according to international best practices and in compliance to the standard setting process requirements of the PEFC Council.02.00
Stakeholder Engagement and Public DocumentsThis policy adds to the Standard Setting process in as much it describes more generally how MFCC will engage with stakeholders during a consultation period. MFCC follows international best practices in stakeholder consultations and subsequent reporting. 02.00
Certification Body Requirements
This policy specifies the minimum requirements MFCC demands from Certification Bodies that audit against MFCC Systems. Areas covered are auditing team requirements, the audit process, managing non-conformances and issuing certification. 02.00
Accreditation and Certification Body Requirements
Second policy specifies the minimum requirements (forest management and chain of custody) for Certification Bodies that audit against MFCS system. Areas covered are auditing team requirements, accreditation, and audit process, managing non-conformances and issuing certification.01.00
Trademark Usage for MTLAS This particular policy applies to MTLAS only and specifies MFCC’s policy and procedures with regards MFCC trademark use. With MTLAS, MFCC does not allow on-product labelling, but does endorse off-product labelling carried out in accordance to MFCC policy.02.00
Trademark Usage for MFCS This policy applies to MFCS only and specifies the rules for the use of the MFCC logo and related claims under MFCS. With MFCS, MFCC allow off – product labelling only and classified four groups of trademark users according to MFCC policy.01.00
Notification of Certification Bodies for MTLAS
This procedure specifies the conditions, and procedures for Certification Body notification, along with obligations of MFCC notified Certification Bodies and the validity of notification.02.00
Notification of Certification Bodies for MFCS

This notification procedure applies MFCS only and specifies PEFC notification of certification bodies operating forest management system or chain of custody certification under MFCS.01.00
Complaints, Appeals and Disputes

As the name implies this procedure explains how MFCC handles complaints, appeals and disputes, and what interested parties can expect in such a process.02.00
Issuance of PEFC Logo Usage Licenses by MFCC

This policy applies MFCS only and sets out the rules for the issuance of PEFC logo use licenses. Areas covered are the issuance of license, suspension of logo usage license, dispute resolution and monitoring and reporting.01.00
Certification Body Requirements Additional Guideance

It offers further guidance on the certification decision of the requirements of MTLAS CBR policy and non-conformities. And it especially guidance relates to decision making regards.01.00
MFCC Procedure for Internal Office Order

This procedure provides the guidance to manage and handle of the corrective action requests by MFCC.01.00