The MFCC Resource Centre

On this page you can find a number of resources that MFCC makes available for information and support.  These include presentations, links, and support we offer to current Certification Bodies or those interested in becoming a Certification Body. We also have included some videos.

This page is very much a work in progress. We hope to keep it continually updated and MFCC welcomes any suggestions or requests for other information that could be useful.



TitleDescriptionType and Date
MFCC’s Third MeetingMeeting minutes (Myanmar Version) for MFCC's Third Meeting Document, Aug 2019
MFCC’s First Technical Working Group
Meeting minutes (Myanmar Version) for MFCC First Technical Working Group Meeting Document, Apr 2019
Terms of Reference (ToR) for Technical Working Group The finalised Myanmar version of the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the MFCC Technical Working Group.Document, Apr 2019
Implementation of Myanmar Timber Legality Assurance System (MTLAS)MFCC Chairman presents MTLAS at the 25th Meeting of the FLEFT Interim Task Force Myanmar. He also briefly explained about the MTLAS Gap Analysis Project and Sustainable Management to Myanmar’s Forests. Presentation, Mar 2018
Working in Partnership to bring Sustainable Management to Myanmar’s ForestMr. Richard Laity from PEFC explained and presented the overview of the MFCC-PEFC Project against the backdrop of PEFC.Presentation, Aug 2017
PEFC Supporting FLEGT in Myanmar Mr. Richard Laity (PEFC) presented in the FLEFT Interim Task Force Myanmar Meeting on 7th March, 2016, covering a range of issues including PEFC, the potential structure for SFM in Myanmar, and synergies between FLEGT and certification. Presentation, Mar 2016
Rapid Assessment of Options for Independent Sustainability Certification for Community Forestry in MyanmarFFI's rapid assessment of the opportunities and challenges for community forest holders to obtain independent certification. Working Paper, Nov 2014

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