MFCC Projects

Links to our main projects can be found below. Anyone interested in supporting MFCC should contact us through our emailcontact page or use the quick contact form to the right. We have also produced a proposal brief for the MFCC-PEFC project Bringing Sustainable Management to Myanmar’s Forests.


  • Bringing SFM to Myanmar

    MFCC is partnering with PEFC in a 3-year project to support transitions to the sustainable management of Myanmar forests. MFCC is leading the process, and has already built a multi stakeholder platform to build consensus on sustainable forest management requirements and finalize robust SFM standards.

  • MTLAS GAP Analysis

    MFCC, supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), commissioned a multi-stakeholder, participatory gap analysis of the Myanmar Timber Legality Assurance System. The key findings and recommendations have offered an important road map for MFCC to improve its systems.