Myanmar Forest Certification Committee Reformation

Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC) has reformed its Committee structure. Itcontains representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation (MONREC), the private sectors and Environmental Conservation NGOs and CSOs. MFCC held the official launching of the Committee with the mandate of the Minister of MONREC at the Director General’s Office, Gygone, Yangon on 22nd September 2018. MONREC confirmed U Khin Mg Yi, Permanent Secretary for MONREC, as the new MFCC Chairman.

The Committee is comprised of:

MFCC Position Organisation/Position
Chairman MONREC/ Permanent Secretary
Secretary Private Sector
Member Environmental Conservation NGO (Representative)
Member Civil Society Organization(Representative)
Member Timber Merchant Organization(Representative)
Member Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE)/Managing Director
Member Forest Department (FD)/Director General
Member Union of Attorney General Office/Director
Member Union Minister Office/Assistant Secretary
Member Natural Forest and Plantation Division (FD)/Director
Member Environmental Conservation Department/Director
Member Extraction Department (MTE)/ Deputy General Manager
Member Department of Labour (Ministry of Labour immigration and Population)/ Director
Member Department of Research and Innovation (Ministry of Education)/ Director

At the meeting the majority of the new MFCC members attended and MFCC confirmed the overall Committee membership status. Also the Committee verified the responsibilities and duties, the organizational structure of MFCC, along with funding costs and expenses. Moreover the committee received an update on the work on MFCC. This included  progress on the third party verification system which MFCC has set up and also discussions on progress on the EU-FAO-FLEGT Programme. According to the meeting, the committee assigned U Shwe Kyaw, former chairman of MFCC, as the adviser and also U Bar Ber Cho as MFCC Secretary. You can download this article here.

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