MTLAS Principle 1 to 4, Forest Operation Training to SGS

Date : 15 AUGUST 2019

Venue : Gangaw District, Magway Region.

MFCC has given MTLAS principle 1 to 4, Forest Operation training to SGS at Gangaw.

The objective of this field training is to share experiences, understanding, skill and knowledge to auditors-conducting Forest Certification, Forest Operation and Legal Verification Audit. Auditor training on consolidation of auditing process and procedures, skill and techniques for conducting of process verification and product audits in assessing legal timber. Moreover, to ensure systematic and consistency in approach and uniformity among different auditors.

The overview is to experiences in the implementation of the Myanmar Forest Certification Scheme(MFCS) and the Myanmar Timber Legality Assurance System (MTLAS) in the field.

Moreover, other objectives include,

To Understand of MTLAS Audit Forms/ Checklist
To Understand of the Basic Principles, Concept & Terminology in Auditing
To Provide the tools and knowledge required to conduct an effective and comprehensive audit – both for forest management practices and Chain of Custody– Conformance Auditing
And to provide notification to SGS in the near future.

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