About MFCC

"Empowered to execute all processes of

forest and timber related certification"


Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC) grows out of the Timber Certification Committee of Myanmar (TCCM). Most importantly, a Myanmar Ministry of Forestry decree create the TCCM as a non-profit, non-political and impartial organisation in 1998.  In addition, a central part of the mandate is to carry out forest and timber certification and create an enabling environment for the sustainability of Myanmar Forests. MFCC also aims to promote market access of Myanmar forest products in the international trade. As a result the TCCM was changed to 'MFCC' through a Ministerial Formation Order with the approval of the President's Office in 2013 – ‘Notification No. (24/2013)’, that mandate remains. MFCC's activities cover the entire forest and non-forest products, and MFCC has been empowered to execute all processes of forest and timber related certification.

Furthermore, the MFCC Secretariat is assists by the MFCC Secretariat which implements day-to-day activities of the organisation on behalf of its committee.


Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC) is the National Governing Body (NGB) of forest/timber certification schemes in Myanmar. Currently there are two certification schemes operating in Myanmar:

  • The Myanmar Timber Legality Assurance System (MTLAS);
  • The Myanmar Forest Certification Scheme (MFCS).

MFCC has the following overall responsibilities:

  • supporting and coordinating the standard setting processes for both MTLAS and MFCS.
  • ensuring our stakeholder engagement and transparency policies are followed;
  • communicating and engaging with NGOs/INGOs ;
  • issuing trademark usage permission;
  • processing complaints, appeals and disputes related to its role as the NGB of MTLAS and MFCS;

MFCC Organisational Chart

MFCC Members

Consequently, the MFCC Committee is oversee by the Chairman, U Khin Mg Yi. In addition, he is currently a permanent secretary of Ministry of Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation. Moreover MFCC Secretary U Barber Cho, who has over a decade of experience in international trade and has been a long time champion of promoting SFM best practices in Myanmar.

The members themselves (currently 14 in total) comprise representatives from environmental NGOs, the Private Sector, civil society organizations, timber merchant organization, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC), and relevant Myanmar Ministries.


Technical Working Group

In order to to revise the MFCC standards, to develop notification requirements, and evaluate the problems that related with the certification process, the Technical Working Group were needed to be formed. Therefore, in December 18, 2018, during the second internal meeting of MFCC, the committee have decided to form a TWG which have balanced representation and decision-making by stakeholder categories relevant to the subject matter with equal representation of the following stakeholder groups: environmental, economic, social (indigenous peoples), social (workers’ union), and relevant government agencies, where single concerned interests will not dominate nor be dominated in the process.

This committee is an independent advisory committee and it provides objectives advice and recommendations to the CB regarding the sufficiency, quality and result of assurance on the adequacy and functioning of the risk management, control and governance frameworks and processes.

Technical Working Group is composed of the following members (Myanmar Version). And the Terms of reference (Myanmar Version) for the purpose and structures of a  committee has been available  in Myanmar Version and you can also view minutes of meetings and the rest of the documents in our resources page.


MFCC Secretariat

  • Win Hlaing

    Previous National Myanmar FLEGT Facilitation Advisor, Mr Win is now CEO of MFCC. He has over fifty years’ experience in the forestry sector and extensive experience in stakeholder groups and Working Groups.

  • Thawdar Nyein

    Thawdar has four years’ experience in roles in Forestry including project management within NGOs, and the private sector. She graduated from the University of Forestry in 2013.

  • Moh Moh Mg Zin

    Moh Moh supports management system development. She has over two years’ experience in the forestry sector in MFCC and environmental NGOs. She is a graduate of the University of Forestry in Yezin.

  • Htet Htet Kyaw

    Htet has been working in MFCC for around 15 year, and is seconded from the Myanmar Timber Enterprise. Htet majored in Mathematics and graduated from Yangon University, Myanmar.

  • Aung Kyaw Soe

    Aung graduated form Mandalay University with a degree in Mathematics. He has been with MFCC for over 10 years and amongst other tasks coordinates MFCC stakeholder mapping and communications.

  • May Zun Phyo

    May is a graduate of the University of Forestry in Yezin. She has four years experience in forestry and biodiversity conservation within a Plantation, Environmental Company and NGO.