Third MFCC Meeting

Third MFCC Meeting

Date : 18th July 2019

Venue : Director General Office, Gyogone Forest Compound

MFCC arranged third internal meeting last week and all the head of MFCC including Chairman – U Khin Maung Yi – (Permanent Secretary of MONREC – Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation) and also members from FD, MTE, DRI, NGO discussed and proposed how to expand the current scope of SFM for the natural forests, plantations and community forests(CF) and legality certification system (MTLAS) for the existing and long-term exported timber as well as the updates for the MFCC-PEFC Project to the Chairman.

Agendas include :

To get assistance and advices from Forest Department about the SFM (Criteria & Indicator) System Endorsement for PEFC.

To nominate one person from private sectors as MFCC member.

To choose Gangaw area as a pilot testing area for SFM (Natural Forest) Standard.

Nominate Phyo Sithu Private Plantation as a pilot testing area for SFM (Private Plantation) Standard.

To provide provisional notification to SGS Myanmar

Updates and amendments to the MTLAS Audit form checklist.

To form Sub Technical Working Group.

General updates and discussion about MFCC and MFCC-PEFC Project supported by Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

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