Second Technical Working Group Meeting

Date : 31st MAY 2019

Venue : MFCC Secretariat Office

MFCC arranged second Technical Working Group meeting and all the head of MFCC including members from FD, MTE, DRI, NGO discussed and proposed how to expand the current scope of SFM for the natural forests, plantations and community forests(CF) and legality certification system (MTLAS) for the existing and long-term exported timber.

Agendas include

  • Explaining about the notification issuance procedure of the Certification Bodies and to give provisional notification to SGS Myanmar Ltd.
  • To be chosen the pilot testing area for the plantation forest management.
  • Third party Certification Bodies comments has been acknowledged and considered as well as to make a few changes, amendment and updates to the MTLAS Audit Form accordingly.
  • And other general discussions.

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