Project update for Stakeholders and Introduction of PEFC CoC

Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC)

April 30th2019

Yangon, Novotel Yangon Max Hotel, April 30th– MFCC and PEFC hosted a seminar to update progress on Working in Partnership to Bring Sustainable Management to Myanmar’s Forests, which is committed to supporting the ongoing reform process in Myanmar’s forest sector with a clear focus on strengthening the national forest certification system. This project is co-funded by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. In the above seminars, speakers included the PEFC International CEO/Secretary General, Ben Gunneberg, MFCC’s Advisor, CEO and Secretary.

During his opening speech, Mr.Ben Gunneberg said:  “The PEFC council is a family of independent national forest Certification systems and I am delighted to announce that the PEFC International Board is unanimously recommending the Myanmar Forest Certification Committee for PEFC Council membership. Once elected Myanmar will become the 51stmember of PEFC Council and we look forward to advancing sustainable forest management with you in Myanmar”.

Moreover, MFCC’s Advisor also explained the importance of three agendas for the seminar, the progress of MFCC-PEFC project, the way forward of the project and the supply chain trial shipment. He also admitted MFCC has to overcome many obstacles which has not been foresee. Even though, MFCC has tried hard to be at the level of today.

“During the previous meeting in London TREE event (March,2019) there was significantly low level of awareness of what Myanmar stakeholders has been doing in Myanmar and we would like to assure our firm determination to build on the achieved progress and to continue to strengthen MTLAS” said Mr Baber Cho, Secretary of MFCC.

In the afternoon, the seminar was about more technical with information and introduction on PEFC CoC and how it relates to MTLAS.

An open discussion offered input from a range of participants. Confederation of Trade Union Myanmar (CTUM) also expressed their desire to get more involved in the standard making procedure of MFCC particularly in the context of factory workers’ rights and how to protect community forest users towards Sustainable Forest Management.


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