MFCC Participation in PEFC Accreditation Body training, Seoul, Korea

This AB training is organized by Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and Korea Forestry Promotion Institute (KoFPI) in Forest Vision Center, Seoul, Korea on 24-25 June 2019. Accreditation Bodies, National Governing Bodies from the Asia-Pacific countries participated in this training. 38 participants joined this AB training. The objective of the training is to improve accreditation bodies technical competence to run a PEFC chain of custody programme and PEFC innovation in forest management (FM) accreditation was also included.

MFCC’ CEO and Technical Officer of MFCC-PEFC project joined the optional field trip and the two days’ classroom AB training. On 22nd June, during the field trip, the participants studied the certified forest area of the host country with a focus on group forest certification. The name of the certified forest area is SK forest and it is a private plantation. KoFPI and Korean accreditation bodies shared milestone and their challenges.
This training included: PEFC Introduction, Accreditation Model, Sustainable Forest Management, Innovation in Forest Management Accreditation and PEFC Chain of Custody Standard. On the morning session of 24th June 2019, Mr. Richard Laity introduced the PEFC and each participant presented their organization and learning objectives. At the evening session, Mr. Richard explained the “Accreditation Statistics and PEFC Accreditation Requirements” and Mr. David Syme presented the “Introduction to IAF” and “Case study: Accreditation Body competence”. Moreover, Mr. Richard Laity and Mr. Simon Bannock presented the “Introduction to PEFC’s requirements for Sustainable Forest Management” and “Case study: JAZANZ PEFC FM accreditation programme. After that, Mr. Michael Berger explained the PEFC and IAF current situation and challenges and further development of PEFC Accreditation Model.

At the second day of the training, Mr. Richard Laity presented the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) standard, CoC methods and Certification Bodies (CB) requirements for CoC. And finally Accreditation Body representative from each country presented the AB action planning and the current status of the relationship of ABs, NGBs and CBs.

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