MFCC News and Articles

This section contains MFCC news, Press Releases, and general updates and articles of interest and relevance to MFCC, timber legality and sustainable forest management (SFM) issues in Myanmar.

You can download MFCC system standards and related documents from our page here.  MFCC is also slowly building a library of presentations and support resources. These are free and can be used by any interested parties such as Certification Bodies carrying out third party verfication. Please access our documents through the MFCC Resource Centre page.

  • FFI Project FLEGT Prepardness for Community Timber Producers

    Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC) decided to initiate the observation of community forestry with the collaboration of Flora and Fauna International. The project’s objective is to allow timber to be harvested and traded legally from licensed CF forests into the Myanmar timber market. This field trip, conducted from the 21st

  • MTLAS Knowledge Information Sharing

    On 30th August 2018 Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC) conducted information sharing to around 100 participants in Forest Department Head Office in Nay Pyi Taw. The training covered components of Myanmar's Timber Legality Assurance system and independent third party verification. There were updates on MFCC's project with PEFC and the

  • Third Party Certification Launching

    Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC) formally launched Myanmar's first ever 3rd Party Certification System this 8th August 2018. The system soft launching was attended by NGOs, retailers and traders, Government and International organisations such as FAO. The system will play a key role in ensuring timber from Myanmar meets legality

  • FLEGT and Certification Synergies

    Sustainable Forest Management Certification can play a significant role in supporting the FLEGT objectives and processes in Myanmar. Whilst FLEGT VPA and certification approaches operate at different levels, the core outcomes can and would compliment each other: improving forest management and combating illegal logging and associated trade in

  • MFCC and Third Party Verification System

    The Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade/European Union Timber Trade Expert Group met in Brussels, Belgium on 19th June 2018 and were updated on a number of issues and developments. Myanmar presented about Myanmar Timber Chain of Custody Processes, and the main actors, included an emphasis on the important role

  • Multi-Stakeholder Coordination Meeting

    Myanmar Forest Certification Committee Chairman, U Shwe Kyaw, opened the meeting, encouraging open and constructive cooperation to help realise the project goals and deliver an operational national forest certification system in Myanmar within the next two years. In its first year, the project has helped to strengthen the MFCC secretariat.

  • Community Forestry Certification in Myanmar

    Fauna and Flora international (FFI) carried out a rapid assessment of the opportunities for community forest holders to obtain independent certification.The FFI Myanmar Community Forestry Programme supported over 60 Forest User Groups.

  • FLEGT-VPA-Myanmar-MFCC

    Myanmar is currently engaged in a negotiation with European Union towards concluding the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade – Voluntary Partnership Agreements (FLEGT – VPA). A preparatory phase was initiated in January 2015. This is being undertaken under the guidance of a FLEGT-VPA Interim Task Force.