FFI Project FLEGT Prepardness for Community Timber Producers

This project is funded by the FAO-EU FLEGT support. With the collaboration of FFI, Myanmar Forest Certification Committee, MFCC decided to initiate the observation of Community Forestry. So, MFCC sent Ms.May ZunPhyo,Technical Officer of Sustainable Forest Management (MFCC-PEFC Project) to observe the Community Forest Timber Legality Operational Procedures, CF-TLOPs Project of FFI. And then, MFCC intend to do the Standards (Criteria and Indicators) of Community Forestry from the lesson learning of this CF-TLOPs project. The project’s objective is to allow timber to be harvested and traded legally from licensed CF forests into the Myanmar timber market.

This project has three outputs: Output (1): A practical legality/sustainability framework and draft CF Timber Legality Operational Procedures is approved by stakeholders for field testing; Output (2): The draft CF Timber Legality Operational Procedures are field tested with stakeholders in Mohnyin Township, Kachin State and Output (3): Participating Community Forestry stakeholders actively engage in the VPA preparations and are empowered to represent their interests in the national dialogue.

This field trip, conducted from the 24th July to 1st August , is the starting level of their project output (1). The project output (1) follows the consultation with the existing forest user groups (FUGs) with whom FFI is currently working and leads to the preparation of the draft CF-TLOPs  CF timber.

In this field trip, International CF Advisor and FFI Community Forestry Officer held the consultation meetingsin Kachin State including Forest Departments at State and Township level, local CSO and FUG networks in Mohnyin and Indawgyi Township and Ms.May ZunPhyo participated in these consultation meetings. And then, International CF Advisor and FFI Community Forestry Officer prepared the draft CF-TLOPs including legality grid and procedure for harvest, from selection to sale (in a format compatible with the MTLAS). The project pilot target area has been selected as two villages under two FUG networks, Ohn San Sai Village and Maw Han Village in Mohnyin Township. The study synopsis can be viewed and downloaded here.

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