Fourth MFCC Meeting

Fourth MFCC Meeting

Date: 29th November 2019

Venue: Director General Office, Gyogone Forest Compound

Fourth MFCC meeting has been held at the Director-General Office, Gyogone Forest Compound, including the MFCC members as well as the staff from the MFCC-PEFC Project has been attended. Different stakeholders and members from FD, MTE, DRI, NGO discussed and proposed how to extend the current scope of the MFCC-PEFC Project as well as SFM for the natural forests, plantation timber and Community Forests(CF) and legality certification system (MTLAS). Moreover, the updates for the MFCC-PEFC Project supported by Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation have been explained in detail to the other MFCC members.

Outcomes of the meeting include:

  1. Approval of the new and revised System Documents of MFCC and will be uploaded to the MFCC website after the final internal review.

Revised Documents

  Guiding Principles (v 01.01)
  Standard Setting (v 02.00)
  Stakeholder Engagement (v 02.00)
  Certification Body Requirements for MTLAS ( v 02.00)
  MFCC Trademark Usage (v 02.00)
  Notification of Certification Bodies for MTLAS (v 02.00)
  Complaints, Appeals, and Disputes (v 02.00)
Child Documents
  Certification Body Application Guidelines (v02.00)


New Documents

  Certification Body Requirements for MFCS (v 01.00)
  Trademark Usage Requirement for MFCS (v 01.00)
  Notification of Certification Bodies for MFCS (v 01.00)
  Issuance of PEFC Logo Usage Licenses by MFCC ( v01.00)
  Certification Body Requirements Additional Guidance (v01.00)
  MFCC Procedure for Internal Office Order (v 01.00)


  1. Approval from the members of MFCC for review and revise of the MTLAS
  2. General updates and discussion about MFCC and MFCC-PEFC Project supported by Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.
  3. To get approval for the Myanmar Criteria and Indicators for Forest Management Certification
  4. And other general discussions.

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