Complaints, Appeals and Disputes


MFCC make commitment towards consistent and timely evaluation of complaints, appeals and disputes (CAD). For the reason that has been raised by stakeholders against decisions, performances or any other issues specifically related to MFCC and its schemes and systems.

MFCC's CAD process is specified in SOP 2 CAD: Complaints, Appeals and Disputes. Therefore if you wish to report a potential violation of MFCC system and scheme requirements for sustainable forest management (MFSC) or timber legality verification (MTLAS) you can find information in this procedure.

Trademark Misuse

If you think the MFCC trademarks are being misused, please contact MFCC via email or through the contact page on this website.

Complaints, Appeals and Disputes to Certification Bodies

In the case where a complaint, appeal, or dispute is made regarding aspects of the certification process itself, MFCC will never act as an arbitrator or get involved in any disputes whatsoever. Nor will MFCC respond to any complaints appeals or disputes with regards certification decisions. Moreover the Certification Body will have sole responsibility for handling such issues in accordance to their own policies and procedures.