MFCC and Third Party Verification System

The FLEGT/EUTR Expert Group met in Brussels, Belgium on 19th June 2018 and were updated on a number of issues and developments. As the minutes record, a presentation was made by the Government of Myanmar, that included an oversight of the Myanmar Timber Chain of Custody Processes, and the main actors that included an emphasis on the important role of MFCC.

The presentation reiterated that “MONREC has given Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC) [the] mandate to create a third party verification system” and repeats the fact that MFCC so far have selected four ‘Verification Bodies’:

  1.  United Forestry Services
  2. Nature Watch Co.,Ltd
  3. Myanmar Forest Association
  4. Double Helix Tracking Technologies Pte Ltd

The EU were also informed that training of these organisations was carried out under the ‘PEFC Certification project’.

The presentation also covers issues related to the so called CoC (Chain of Custody) dossier (a series of documents to support claims of timber legality). It is made clear that training with regards auditing the dossier will be provided through MFCC.

In addition the presentation states that permission to access Myanmar forest’s” as well as relevant documents will be given only to direct buyers from MTE [Myanmar Timber Enterprise], and 3rd parties registered at MFCC.


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